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The Weekly Meal Plan

June 8th, 2013 at 04:17 pm

Weekly shopping bill was high this week for a few reasons:
- D bought coffee (which he buys once every two months, so technically this is spread out over several weeks)- $9.99
- D bought beer (also lasts more than a month)- $11.49
- I bought a million popsicles to bring to camp on Monday for F's birthday (not sure how many kids will be there) - $13.47

Anyway, the meal plan is:
- something pasta-ish - pasta with goat cheese/turkey bacon/basil/peas
- something chickeny - kebabs (chicken, courgettes, red pepper) and corn on the cob
- something eggy/potato-ish - crash potatoes and green beans
- something bready/cheesy - polenta with marinara, salad
- something fishy - very sweet salmon, broccoli, rice

We are skipping "something from the freezer" and going out twice! Tonight we go to our favorite pizza place for a birthday dinner for one of F's friends. And Monday is F's birthday, so out to dinner again!

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