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May is Always Busy!

May 19th, 2019 at 04:31 pm

May is always so packed full of events! I am taking one day at a time...

Here's what's going on:

- Middle School Musical - this past weekend was the middle school musical, and F was in it... They did a performance for local elementary schools, then two public performances. We went to both, and the kids did a great job! Instead of buying flowers, I got F a little plant at Trader Joe's and a bag of dark chocolate peanut butter cups. We're not really cut flower people, and this will last a lot longer (well, not the peanut butter cups!) so in my mind a better buy.

- Friends Moving - So my best friend is moving out of the state, and her daughter is F's best friend! More like a sister really. Anyway, my friend M's husband already moved (he had to start his job in January) and they are following in June, which is right around the corner! (Crying). M went out to California for the weekend for a big work event for her husband, so we had her daughter all weekend, which is great for the two girls. I had to buy a ton of extra groceries, and I don't even care. Thinking of it as a gift to F and her friend. I will take the girls to school tomorrow; right now they are upstairs singing together.

- Garbage Disposal - I installed my own garbage disposal instead of hiring a plumber, and I want to let you know I'm pretty sure I did it better! When I took the old one out, I noticed it was screwed in at an angle, and mine was perfectly straight. It is a lot quieter (which could be that it's new, or it could be that it's put on straight!!!).

- Mother's Day - We didn't do much for mother's day, but F made me an amazing scavenger hunt - so much fun!! That's the kind of gift I love!

- Dinner - Tonight's dinner is Bad Breath Pasta (well, that's what we call it). It's my easiest dinner and pretty frugal... pasta, spinach, kalamata olives, capers, balsamic, olive oil and garlic. Maybe we'll have it with toast or garlic bread...

And that's about it...

2 Responses to “May is Always Busy!”

  1. Fire and I Says:

    Garlic makes everything taste good. I don't care if it gives me bad breath. :-)

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's too bad both you and F are losing best friends. Moving is tough.

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