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Back from Vacation! (and Family Visit)

July 14th, 2016 at 07:26 pm

There is so much to write, but I will spread over several entries because otherwise I'll bore you to tears!

We are back from our holiday. Well - it was really a family visit/holiday. Family visit (to the UK) was first, and I have to say it was not super great. My FIL is not doing well (in fact, D went out a week early to help his dad before F and I arrived). D's sister is... difficult. Her daughter (my niece) is super whiny and poorly behaved (and imagine how horrified I was when she announced that she has nits! D confronted his sister who said that they'd gotten rid of the lice completely).

Oldest son (my nephew) has decided not to go to university (and didn't take any A-levels, so he doesn't even have the option) despite being super smart; my MIL and I freaked out that he is closing off his options. D's sister has a PhD but feels like society is too conventional, and she doesn't want her kids to go to university.

Which leads me to my other nephew who is just turning 15, and is such a cool kid, amazing artist, nice person. D's sister had a falling out with his school that he loved (a Steiner school - so not a conventional place) and school in general, so he is now homeschooled. Except that she travels for work almost constantly and his dad is sort of introverted and a little bit scattered, so he's not homeschooled. He does coursework online.

I told my wonderful MIL that I'd love to have him come live with us, but immigration laws won't allow it. I said even 3 months (max. stay) would be good (he can continue his online courses), and if he liked it I might be able to work out an exchange program with a school here (we even have a Waldorf school which is the same as Steiner).

She said she would pay for his ticket if he wants to come and his parents are ok with it!

D has an interview tomorrow, so I'm not pushing him to call his sister yet to ask about it, but I will after tomorrow! If she says it would be ok (probably a longshot), we'll ask him what he thinks. He's young; it might be scary to be away from home like that. I have no idea what he'll say.

The financial news:
- we saved money by eating, hanging out with family
- we spent money because D's sister made D drive 1.5 hours and back to pick her up from Heathrow airport
- we stayed in a hotel because I can't stay in their house because it's filthy
- we saved money by staying in my MIL's house which is lovely; and she fed us all sorts of nice food. I miss her.
- if my nephew comes, my MIL will buy his ticket
- there will certainly be expenses, but so worth it
- it would be good for him, and for us, and for F, and that is priceless!

Next post will be the vacation portion of the trip!

Photo below is around the corner from D's sister's house... we went on a lot of walks! Rainy, but super pretty in that area of the Cotswalds.

7 Responses to “Back from Vacation! (and Family Visit)”

  1. Carol Says:

    Wow; lots to process. The picture brings a smile to my face and happy memories.

  2. Bluebird Says:

    Beautiful photo! Hope it works out with your nephew!

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    How awesome that you have family in England. And, how weird that they seem to be fraying at the seams. I find it very odd that a Ph.D. wouldn't want their kids to go to college. In any life, having options is the best luxury, and at 18, kids aren't doing much else anyway, so they may as well go off to college!

  4. Buendia Says:

    Fraying at the seams is the perfect was to explain it! And I am so adamant about college; now it's almost a basic requisite (whereas 50 years ago it wasn't).

    We have close family (brothers, sisters, parents, cousins) in England, Canada and Ireland! And my brother is basically in Singapore a third of the time! It's a little crazy, but fun!

  5. CB in the City Says:

    Sorry your vacation wasn't all it could be, but it sounds like you've made an amazing connection with your nephew, and I hope it works out for him to come and stay with you. Your SIL sounds a bit like my sister, unfortunately.

  6. snafu Says:

    There are millions of students on Student Visas in the US and Canada. I know there are agents and lawyers whose focus is completing required documents for students to study abroad.

    Our small city has about 20 private schools specifically targeted to middle/high school foreign students. Tuition in our regular public school system is too expensive for the majority of foreign students and many of the for profit schools don't live up to their hype. Agents [sales staff] do 'dog and pony' shows all over the world and parents usually choose based on price. They offer the required curriculum but immature students aren't required to complete assignments and earn credentials. There are a few that put educational requirements first, so it's perform or withdraw.

    The majority focus on culture and fun events like picnics, visits to sites, daily nature walks, rides horses, line dance, photography, film studies, clothes design, skating, bobsled... They have math, science and language arts requirements attached to each but so long as you're up to date on monthly tuition, no one natters about missed assignments. The schools offer arranged homestay and get about 1/3 of that fee. It's all about profit.

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope it works out for your nephew to come here.

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