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Frugal Here, Spend There

June 10th, 2015 at 08:27 pm

We are pretty frugal most of the time... part of the reason is so that we can spend it where it counts (for us). We don't have any debt other than our house (and we should have that paid off in less than 3 years), we save for retirement and we have an emergency fund.

Here is why we're frugal:
- continue to save for retirement
- keep our spending low so that when we do retire we're used to living on less
- afford private school and college for our daughter
- be able to spend money on things that matter to us

We save here, spend there...

I don't spend money on haircuts or manicures. We don't eat out much. We don't have expensive cars. These aren't things that matter much to us.

But we like to have experiences together. We go to Europe to see family. We're going to Las Vegas for vacation and seeing three shows in four days. I'm willing to spend on birthdays and holidays and hosting guests. We improve our house (our biggest investment). We have four pets and they eat a lot.

Do you have things you're willing to splurge on?

3 Responses to “Frugal Here, Spend There”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Holidays and experiences we are happy to splurge on.. I get my hair done but would not get manicures done.. I don't care about expensive cars. I like nice clothes but not everything needs to be name brand, brand new or expensive. I think society (or the society I see) is too concerned about keeping up with the Joneses, and needing everything now. I wasn't raised like that so don't really buy into it.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am frugal about most things. But I have a big gift budget -- not expensive gifts but a lot of people to buy for. I eat out with my kids whenever they invite me (that's not more than once or twice a month). I will spring for entertainment, like a ticket to a play, or a day at a museum. I will pay for expensive parking rather than compromise my safety. I buy most of my clothes secondhand, but when I do buy retail, I buy quality. For instance, I need a new pair of sandals soon, so I will buy exactly what I want in terms of comfort, style and quality, not what is cheapest.

    Everybody knows I sometimes buy breakfast at Corner Bakery and other fast-food places, but that will stop soon! Smile
    (I do get haircuts every six weeks, at Supercuts, and I get manicures/pedicures once in a while. I find the manicures keep my nails from breaking. Pedicures are more than nail polish; they are good for the feet! Older people who have trouble bending over should get more pedicures as they age, to keep the feet in shape.)

  3. Greenleaf Says:

    I like to give nice gifts ("nice" not necessarily meaning expensive or impressive, but the right thing for that person.) I'll spend money to go out with friends because it's a treat when we are all able to be off work at the same time, but we don't go to expensive places. I will always spend the money on extra gas to visit my family in another state- although they're in good health, you never know how long you have your parents for. I don't consider it a "splurge," but if somebody approaches me in the street and tells me they need something to eat, I'll take them into a nearby shop and buy them a meal. I file that under the cost of being a human being.

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