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A Weird Week

May 13th, 2015 at 05:04 pm

It's been a very weird week...

1. F's soccer coach was not asked to coach next year's select team; I didn't think he would be because they don't like parent coaches for select and his daughter is on the team. He, apparently, did think he would be, and is pretty upset right now, and has decided to leave our league for another one that is just starting up. He said he wouldn't take the girls to the Memorial weekend tournament, so D stepped up and said he would do it. Select tryouts are next week; I guess the coach's daughter won't be trying out, but I think most of F's group will.

2. F's school has a committee that deals with retiring teachers and other transitions. Our much-loved school secretary is retiring and they asked the Parent Association to help collect memories for a scrapbook and also cash. And then some of the teachers wanted me to include another teacher who is leaving... it's turning into a big deal. I don't really have the time to do this, but I'm going to figure it out because I love both teachers.

3. I have a big deadline on Friday and I'm in good shape for it, but yikes, it's taken a lot out of me.

4. The British soccer coach is still staying with us. He's great, but we're eating a lot later because I want him to be able to eat with us. Which means after we eat, I'm exhausted. And after the dishes there really isn't time to unwind.

5. I spent a ton of money stocking up on staples because Sprouts had the bread and flour and tortillas I use on sale. But after the coach leaves, we won't have a ton of money left for groceries for the month. I'm going to have to meal plan really carefully.

6. We want to take the coach out for dinner on Friday. Not budget-friendly, but luckily we have the money in our dining out category.

7. So... Memorial Weekend will be soccer, soccer, soccer! We'll need to pack lunches and have easy dinners.

8. And the following weekend is F's bday party (not her birthday which is in early June, but she has a friend that is really important to her and she can't come unless it's before June 5). It'll be a soccer party (what else?) and we'll have it at the park.

9. I can't think of anything else... need to go make dinner.

3 Responses to “A Weird Week”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    F's soccer coach sounds like a real jerk. He should be ashamed of himself, bailing on his team at the last minute.

  2. Buendia Says:

    He does sound like a jerk... the thing is, we really liked him as a coach, and the girls love him. This is only going to hurt his daughter because she's attached to the other girls, and they're attached to her. Ah well. We found out who the coach will be, and he's young but a good coach; I hope F makes select!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I agree with Petunia100!

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