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Christmas Week Menu

December 20th, 2014 at 05:25 pm

Our menu this week:

Breakfasts and lunches - the usual, except Christmas morning.

Sunday - chicken, roasted cauliflower, rice (using the cauliflower up, and the chicken is from the freezer)
Monday - cod with broccoli and potatoes and aioli (need to use up the potatoes)
Tuesday - penne with butter and pecorino romano with stirfried courgettes
Wednesday - tamales (it's Christmas Eve!) and a salad
Thursday breakfast - sausage (it's in the freezer) and french toast souffle (this is made the night before and popped in the oven in the morning)
Thursday Christmas dinner - I am making cranberry sauce, potatoes dauphinoise (sounds fancier than it is!), turkey, gravy, tarte tatin; my friend is making a sweet potato dish, brussels sprouts with maple and a chocolate dessert.
Friday - Rachael Ray's turkey croquettes with leftover turkey! Going to try baking rather than frying.

It's pretty frugal (and luckily Christmas dinner is a shared effort!). Now we can afford some red wine and the adults can relax while the girls play!

4 Responses to “Christmas Week Menu”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Sounds yummy. Do you make the tamales yourself? We made some with friends on year. It was fun, but work!

  2. Homebody Says:

    Sunday: Lentil/sausage soup.
    Monday: (My birthday) and my favorite shrimp/pasta dish made with fresh basil and tomatoes, olives, shallots and cream.
    Tuesday (SIL's birthday) hamburgers for us unless SIL can talk us into going out for pizza with his family.
    Wednesday: Christmas Eve - Ummmm....It's just DH and I again, will probably eat leftovers.
    Thursday: Christmas Prime Rib and other things hopefully including a sweet potato pie for dessert since I was sick at Thanksgiving.
    Friday: Fish and Chips at the request of DGD.

  3. starfishy Says:

    Yum - all sounds delish! do you have a post about your wardrobe excel sheet that you mention in your sidebar?

  4. Buendia Says:

    Hi Thriftorama - yes, in past years we've made the tamales; you're right - it's a lot of work! So we're just buying them this year. There are a million places where you can get amazing tamales around here sold by the half dozen.

    Hi Homebody - that sounds so good - esp. the shrimp pasta - do you have a recipe?

    Hi Starfishy - oh! I should do a post with that spreadsheet! I'll write one up in the next few days!

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