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Head Cold and Three-Day Soccer Tournament

May 26th, 2014 at 06:17 pm

Sorry I haven't posted lately.

F was in a three-day soccer tournament, and somewhere in the middle of it, I caught a cold. Something is going around, and the girls played in the rain. They actually had to stop the play for lightning (there is a lightning siren); we all got in our cars and waited for the all-clear siren. I don't think being out in the rain was so great for me. That evening (Saturday) I had a really sore throat. It rained the next day, too. Today's game was nice. I wasn't the only mom with a cold. We just stayed away from everyone else.

There were some unexpected cold and soccer-related expenses. Parking for the soccer complex is $5 per car per day. And there is no way to get there except drive (you could carpool, and we did on one day, taking another girl down to the tournament). Dinner on Sunday night when I felt awful: made D get a cooked chicken from the supermarket, and some chicken and rice soup for me. And no one felt like cooking today either, so we went to the Range. My thought was that if I ate a bunch of green chile I'd get better faster. (That might be true! It's a New Mexico tradition to fight a cold with green chile).

The range t-shirts were funny: New Mexico. Not really new. Not really Mexico.

Here is one of our US senators holding up the t-shirt:

1 Responses to “Head Cold and Three-Day Soccer Tournament”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope the green chile made a difference and you feel better soon.

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