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Glad I Waited...

May 12th, 2014 at 06:40 pm

We've needed a shopvac for a while... there are several reasons, and the main one is that we have frass (that is fake grass!) and although you don't need to mow it or water it, you do need to vacuum it! We borrowed a friend's shopvac last year, and it worked really well. (We have pinon needles that get stuck in it, and it makes it pretty much unusable since they're so sharp).

I'm glad I waited, though, because I just took advantage of the Amex offer to spend $50 at Lowes and get $10 off.

I also bought materials to make stilts for F for her birthday (she does this circus camp each year and loved the stilt-walking!).

There are other offers up on Amex, but I don't buy anything I wouldn't normally be buying.

There are some good deals on there, though! If you use amex, be sure to check out the deals regularly...

NOTE: In case you are cringing, frass is actually a really great thing in the Southwest where water is like gold. We think of it like a grass-like carpet rather than actual grass. When we want real grass, we go to a community park. It makes a lot of sense that real grass is a community investment where water is scarce rather than an individual right. (And our water bill is really low!).

3 Responses to “Glad I Waited...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I had no idea frass was so big! People here use it to cover porches or steps that have seen better days, which I think makes it look worse...but I'm glad it helps save water in your part of the country.

  2. just a thought Says:

    I googled "frass" just because I was curious. The Wikipedia page is for something different Smile You should check it out! (It's not inappropriate, I promise...)

    When I lived in the Pacific Northwest, many of the fields we played sports on were turf (fake grass) because of the opposite problem. Too much rain in the winter meant we needed fields with good drainage that wouldn't be destroyed by muddy play. I love turf fields!

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    IT's ridiculous that they don't make frass more the norm where we live. (Sacramento likes to pretend it's a lush oasis during 100+ no-rain summers. It's CRAZY! Bay Area doesn't exactly get much rain, but at least the water doesn't evaporate the minute you water. & I think it's more acceptable in general to have brown yards there. Sac is going through an identity crisis right no with its drought rules versus forest green lawn rules).

    We are either going no-yard in our next home or some kind of desert landscaping. (Rocks or astro turf sounds good to me). Maybe we will skip the frass - I guess we will have to look up maintenance. I am laughing at the idea of vacuuming it. I don't know, just sounds funny. I want something way more low maintenance. Big Grin Rocks and cacti are sounding mighty fine.

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