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Rewards Statement Credits - Yes!

April 16th, 2014 at 12:56 am

I just redeemed rewards points on both credit cards.

Card 1 is American Express
We get 6x points on gas and groceries; those are the only things I use that card for.
Redeemed $250 purchase eraser
I put $250 in the virtual airfare "envelope"

Card 2 is Capital One
We get 3x points for everything, so I use that card for everything else.
Redeemed $237.55 travel purchase eraser (rental cars for our trip to the UK and France this summer)
I put $237.55 in the virtual airfare "envelope"

There is now $1357 in the airfare "envelope." We keep building this up so that when it's time to buy our tickets for the next trip we have enough saved up. We go to the UK every other year to see D's family, and France is my reward for putting up with them (just kidding!).

We used to have airline miles cards, but we ended up with just one or one and half tickets every two years (and we'd have to buy additional miles to get the second, and buy the last one outright, but that always cost more because we had to match it to the award ticket's time/date/etc). This method gets us three tickets, no restrictions attached!

Since last April, we've gotten $2338 in awards (in just one year!!), less the credit card fees of $140. So about $2200 (and that's just one year of rewards). Our tickets cost $4482 total (a non-optional expense we have every other year). Wow - that works our perfectly!

I am starting to get excited about the trip, and about summer in general!

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