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Not-so-Frugal Playdate

June 29th, 2013 at 05:05 pm

Today F went over to a friend's house. D helped her get ready, and for some reason dressed her in new, pristine clothes (rather than dirty playclothes) even though he knows that at that friend's house they always end up playing in the mud.

Of course she came home covered in red mud. I did my best to get the mud out, but it's just ground in. And the shirt is a light-blue (her favorite, sigh).

If she chooses her clothes she has to live with the consequences, but for some reason he chose for her, and admits he just wasn't thinking at all. (He also put her in closed shoes and socks instead of sandals - don't even ask about the socks - totally wrecked and not just stains but shredded from walking wet on concrete and pine needles).

Now I am a firm believer that kids should be able to play in their clothes, but if you KNOW that they are going to play in mud, why not put them in something that is either already stained or has a pattern so you don't see new stains?

Oh well. I got on OldNavy.com and got three on sale $5 shirts (including the light blue one that is ruined and is now a shirt she can wear to play in the mud).

1 Responses to “Not-so-Frugal Playdate”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Things happen. It is odd how some folks don't think about having close to get grubby in. When I married DH, he would work in the yard in his good clothes and then complain he didn't have nice clothes anymore. We went to K-Mart and bought some cheap shirt and a pair of jeans for him to do yardwork in to save his clothes. He used to be such a small size that finding dress clothes was next to impossible. He asked the other day if we could buy a cheap pair of khakis so he could walk in them instead of wearing his grubbies. I was pleased because his grubbies are kind of embarrasing to be seen walking the 4 miles he walks. He has learned.

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