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Meal Plan this Week

June 15th, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Did my weekly shopping today in order to buy some things for F's birthday party. We did pretty well considering we had to feed some adults tonight as well.

We came out under this year's birthday budget!

I had a $5 coupon from Sprouts as well.

As I was driving around, I turned off the air conditioning in the car (my gas mileage has been lower the past few weeks, and it's probably the AC) - opening the window works just as well a lot of the time.

So the meal plan this week is:
- fishy: hake with curry powder and paprika, coleslaw
- chickeny: general tso's chicken, rice, chinese cabbage
- pasta-y: veggie stirfry with mangetout/carrots/courgettes/mint/cilantro with rice (a Jamie Oliver recipe - ok, this is not pasta, but still - yum)
- eggy: crustless quiche with sundried tomatoes/turkey/goat cheese/broccoli and toast
- bready: socca with courgettes and caramelized red onions
- freezer: something from the freezer with garlic bread

1 Responses to “Meal Plan this Week”

  1. Shiela Says:

    Your meal plan looks very yummy.

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