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The "Need to Buy" List

September 4th, 2016 at 07:10 am

Today is Day 2 of the soccer tournament. I've already packed a lunch for me and F; D is in charge of his own (although I did a big tupperware full of watermelon for all of us, and there's a piece of cornbread I made last night waiting for him to take).

One thing I can say for soccer tournaments: it is a frugal day out! Except for the hour-long heart attack I have while F is playing her games, it is super fun as well. The families on her team are all friends. We love hanging out with each other, and it's a good time to catch up.

We need to leave at 9:15, so I have a couple of minutes to vacuum the den and bedroom and to dust before I take a shower. That just leaves a little bit of housework for this evening.

What I really wanted to talk about was my "need to buy" list. Do you have a list like that? There aren't a lot of things on it, but as we move into winter, I can see how I need to budget a little bit for some planned expenses:
- new tires for my car (I think I need two)
- snow boots for F (she grew out of the old ones)
- waterproof pants for F (same problem)
- faux ugg boots (bear paw boots) for F (still the same problem)
- new brush for F (she used her friend's brush on the school overnight and loved it, and said she could brush her own hair, so that's a plus)
- maybe a new kettle but that could definitely wait - it's fussy - doesn't always heat up and you have to jiggle it a little bit

My mother called last night to say she bought a new car yesterday. Hers was almost 10 years old and had 60k miles; that's what my car has and it's completely fine! Anyway, a car is not on my "need to buy" list and hopefully won't be for a long time!!

7 Responses to “The "Need to Buy" List”

  1. snafu Says:

    I never believed I was an impulse shopper until I read an article and accepted it's challenge to tally how much of the next CC bill could be ascribed to impulse purchases. What an eye opener! From that day forward I do not allow myself to go to a store without a list. I stick to the list as I can easily have an item put away and return another day. My one exception is an unexpected, unlisted bargain at the grocery where an often used item is unexpectedly, severely discounted.

    This system has super exceeded my expectations. The savings have been phenomenal and we hardly remember that twitter of desire felt for merchandise, the following day. It's helpful to maintain a 'sales' calendar to support timing of needed purchases.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Yep, we have a list. We've been a little short on discretionary funds this year, so we just check things off as we get the money. Except right now we're in the hole due to some late checks. I can't wait until we get back in the black, because I really want new running shoes and some new fall clothes! We also have a list of random household items that have broken or run out and need replacing; trying to hold out until the checks come in. But, we know they ARE coming in, so it's not a big deal if we pre-spend them; it's just not as good a feeling as waiting until the cash is in hand!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I always have a list -- sometimes it's just in my head, though. I don't always get everything on it; some needs seems to go away!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I have an informal list most of the time. DH is already wondering what to buy me for Christmas and I'm thinking my electric kettle is going to go out. We drink a bunch of iced tea so I brew the tea with it. This one is a number of years old. But, we try to plan for big expenditures too. We saved for and paid for a new roof in cash, and we are saving for a new driveway. I am writing down what we have in our pantry to make sure I have what I need for holiday baking when things go on sale.

  5. starfishy Says:

    thank you for the bag info on your last post. would you be willing to post a link for the new bag? i looked for it and there seem to be a couple of bags called ebags etech 2.0...i'm curious which one you got? you're my packing guru! Smile

  6. Buendia Says:

    Hi Starfishy! You are so kind! I wish I was a better packer, but I like to have certain things with me... Here is the ebags etech 2.0 weekender junior, which is the bag I have. I'm 5'-2" and 114 lb. so I got the junior. My daughter carries the same bag (she is almost my height but teeny tiny - about 75 lb). My husband has the regular version which is a little bigger. He's 5'-8" (we're a small family!). http://www.ebags.com/product/ebags/etech-20-weekender-junior/261000?lastSearchTerm=ebags+etech+2.0+weekender+convertible+junior&pl=hdr_srch_as_l1

  7. starfishy Says:

    thx for the link! i was hoping to order the regular version, but they are out of stock. i'm afraid the junior would be a bit too small. i might check it out anyway.

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