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The Past Few Days

May 9th, 2015 at 04:45 pm

I haven't written anything for a few days because I've been dealing with a big deadline (next Friday!) and an exasperating plumbing problem.

The deadline is going well.

The plumbing problem... we'll see. I won't go into it, but the gist is: our shower valve is messed up. We need a new one because no one seems able to repair it (paid $75 to a plumber for a temporary fix), but I can't figure out what to order. I went to the office today and found the original cut-sheets for the original valve. I found out Friday at like 5 minutes to 5 pm that the woman who originally sold it to me is still in town and works for a different plumbing supply place. I'm hoping she can help when I send the original info.

In other news:
- big gluten-free sale at Sprouts so I bought extra bread and baking flour
- we have a soccer coach staying with us for two weeks. He's so tired from all the games (and sun and rain and hail!) today that he's upstairs napping.
- our free entertainment today was F's soccer game. She played so well; I'm really proud! Two goals and one setup for another girl who then made a goal. Select team tryouts are in a few weeks, and she's nervous but excited.
- I went to our cheesemonger (I love that Santa Fe has a cheesemonger!) today and bought ridiculously expensive cheese for mother's day. That's all I really wanted was some nice, ridiculously expensive food. Also bought cherries (also spent too much).
- I'll need to reign in the food spending once the coach is gone and mother's day is over, but I'm okay with splurging on food once in a while.

And now it's time to make a budget (but kind of fancy) dinner: tortilla espanola (spanish omelette) with salad (with goat cheese). Yum! F went to a bday party today, so she asked me to save dessert for tomorrow (she said she'd had enough sweets - funny kid!)

1 Responses to “The Past Few Days”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That is funny about F feeling as though she's had too many sweets. Smile

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