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Visit from Grandma with Meal Plan

April 4th, 2015 at 06:07 pm

David's mum arrives in two days... I feel pretty ready! I've done the grocery shopping, have a meal plan. I washed the linens and D put them on the spare bedroom bed. Tonight I'm cleaning the bathroom, and we'll move F's stuff down to our bathroom so that she can have it to herself.

Our house is generally tidy, but I also vacuumed out my car since she'll be riding in it a lot, and I worked on our yard a little bit. I am building a little enclosure to hide our barbeque, and that should be done by tomorrow evening.

Here is our meal plan:
Cheesy cornbread with sundried tomatoes and a side salad (before she arrives)
Pad thai (before she arrives)
Turkey burgers with french fries and salad
Chicken piccata with rice and broccoli
Frittata with salad
Pasta with turkey bacon, peas and goat cheese
Barbequed chicken with veggies and a yummy sauce (friends over; they'll bring something, too)
Eat out one night

Our grocery bill was about 20% more than normal, but we usually don't eat that much animal protein (but D is pretty adamant that he wants to treat his mum to nice meals, and the concession is that we aren't eating out a bunch; fair enough!). We also bought sausages for easter breakfast tomorrow and an extra thing of eggs to dye for hard-boiled eggs (lunch!). I expected that, and I think I can make most of it up with an "eat out of the pantry" shopping trip later in the month.

When you have a guest, does your grocery shopping spending rise?

2 Responses to “Visit from Grandma with Meal Plan”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Yep, especially when my mom visits. Because that means stocking turkey slices and diet coke ... stuff that doesn't enter my house any other time.

  2. snafu Says:

    Our grocery bill goes nearly double with visitors since we always invite relatives, friends or colleagues to meet our visitors. It feels inappropriate to do leftover buffet or plan-overs so I do a meal plan for each day in spite of the possibility of some meals out. I find there is a generous amount of leftovers and they get made into something else after guests have departed.so the next two weeks are soup, chowder, stew, pizza, stir fry, casserole or wrap.

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