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Got Escrow Check Back from the Bank

January 3rd, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Last year when the bank massively increased our escrow, I knew it was too high. I asked them about it, but we'd had a shortage the year before (due to property tax increases), and they have a calculation formula. So they sent us a check for $337 for overpaid escrow and lowered this year's payment. I am going to keep our payment the same and put the rest toward principal.

I can't wait until the mortgage is paid off and we can set aside our own money for the taxes and insurance! (Some banks will let you pay your own, but ours collects the escrow).

Anyway, this $337 will also go toward principal. I just need to transfer it. I prefer to bank on Fridays when they have free bags of popcorn!

I'm able to type right now because F has a friend over; it's D, one of her very best guy friends! (She is close to two boys who are both super sweet - they're in her class, but they were all on the same soccer team; those friendships with boys are so important - F says some of the girls are just too quiet and sedentary. She plays soccer at recess a lot). Anyway, thanks to D I can get some stuff done. He has swim practice at 2, so his mom is picking him up soon. And then F and I will go to the library and up to a subdivision I do review for (luckily they have horses and I have a bag of horse treats in my glove box, so we'll pet the horses).

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