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My Daughter Cleaned her Desk... For Fun!

June 4th, 2013 at 09:58 pm

I have succeeded as a mother. My daughter (learn by example) cleaned her desk FOR FUN! I am so proud. Perhaps she'll rebel as a teenager, but for now she's clearly got my family's genetic material.

We aren't OCD, but we like things tidy and clean. OK, my brother is probably OCD, and my mother. My father and I are relatively normal. Actually it's possible we're OCD.

I am a fan of order, all kinds of order.
Decluttering = getting your house in order
Frugality = getting your financial house in order

My interview today went so well I bought donuts for F and D in the town where I was interviewing (they have an awesome bakery there; they also make homemade tortillas). They gave me a bag of fresh corn tortilla chips because I can't eat gluten. I bought a donut for my consultant who went with me, too. It was $5 all together.

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